Furniture for interiors

Furnishing accessories
The collection of furnishing accessories available from the Andrielli artisan workshop in Terni is based on the concept of making even the smallest objects in the home at one with the furniture. From a classic idea of particular effects such as gold leaf and sponging, you can achieve minimal objects in black and white, with a gloss lacquer.
Please browse our catalogue for some examples of furnishing accessories and objects for the home created in our workshop, such as lamps, service plates and trays: so many ideas for tastefully enhancing the style of your home, or for a special gift.
From the lacquered lamps with sponge effects and gold decoration to the lacquered service plates with lapis lazuli decoration and personalised initials, or the lacquered or sponged trays decorated with gold and silver: a vast array of exclusive and refined products to choose from, personalised to your own particular tastes and requirements.

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