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Our Design Department boasts a team of interior designers and specialist staff who can conduct a survey with millimetre precision, using high-tech equipment.

Sample box

Every project we undertake has a ‘different recipe’ and that is why, after years of experience in lacquering, we can achieve the same colour as we created long ago.

Quality raw materials

Raw materials such as quality wood, ironware and paint enable us to create products capable of remaining intact and retaining their impeccable appearance for generations.

Sample lacquering

The sample colour allows us to create different furniture, personalised for every client and to apply refined and unique lacquering techniques.

Water-based lacquering

In addition to polyester lacquering, we use water-based lacquering, which is particularly suitable for protecting the health of babies and for those suffering from certain illnesses.

Re-lacquering doors

We always advise our clients to reuse existing doors with a view to conservation and perhaps giving them a ‘new coat’ to suit the new home.

Our story

After studying at the Institute of Art in Terni, taking part in various local exhibitions and following his self-taught artistic skills, by the end of the ’70s Claudio Andrielli was now an expert in decoration. It was then that, together with his brother Giorgio, he set up the Andrielli artisan workshop, dedicated to the creation of bespoke furniture for interiors.

Thanks to Claudio’s artistic skills, the company specialised in the study of colour and creating various furniture finishing techniques: restoration, lacquering, distressing and gilding, as well as developing particular effects on walls, such as Venetian plaster, the ‘spatolato’/spatula technique, antique plaster and trompe l’oeil.
At the end of the ‘80s, the company began working with the architects Vivai del Sud on major projects in Rome, Geneva, Milan and Monte Carlo.

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