Shop furniture

Andrielli furniture for shops

The experience gained by Andrielli Arredamento in furniture for commercial premises dates back to 1994, when the artisan workshop of Andrielli Giorgio & C. snc in Terni expressed its wish to create something unique to give centre stage to doors, pieces of furniture and other finishes in furniture for shops in Terni. The technical expertise in the study of colour and the extensive experience gained in lacquering and interior design have enabled the company to design commercial premises with innovative shapes and colours, always in line with the latest trends in shop furniture.
Classic in origin, the Andrielli Arredamento production over time has steered its creations and decoration towards a liberty and deco feel, through gloss lacquering, gilding and hues reproduced by hand, harnessing all the artistic passion in perfect tandem with true professionalism.
Andrielli produces furnishing accessories for shops, focusing on the exclusivity of its products for a high-end market in the design and creation of all decorative solutions, both with catalogue pieces and with personalised solutions.
From the layout of the shelves to the artisan doors, to the creation of bespoke furniture, Andrielli Arredamento is the place to go in Terni for shop furniture, focusing on harmony, craftsmanship and a passion for the world of design.

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